Veterans Outreach

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

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Transitioning from the strict order of military life to the seeming chaos of civilian life can be difficult. Veterans Outreach (VO) is dedicated to making that transition more simple and successful.

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Employment Readiness and Job Search

  • Access to one-on-one job search coaching
  • Referrals to local job search organizations
  • Referrals to job readiness workshops
  • Opportunities to work with local employers that employ veterans

Veterans Outreach Activities

The Veterans Outreach director bases activity offerings on the current needs of Indian River veterans and their families.

Activities can include:

  • Family Support
  • Food for Vets Program
  • Outreach events such as picnics
  • Veterans Helping Veterans Home Improvement Projects
  • Coordinated support with local businesses
  • Coordinated support with educational and non-profit entities

Fund Raising

  • Annual Golf Tournament

For more information on current activities, please call 772-410-5820 or email us at


Exclusively for Indian River County Veterans!

  • Search for veteran-only resources
  • Check out the closest veteran hangouts
  • Keep an eye on the VA transportation schedule
  • See which LOCAL IRC businesses are offering discounts for veterans!
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